The only battery developed for rental houses and broadcasters.

Dazmo  developed  their  professional  camera  and  accessory  batteries  for  higher efficiency  and  dependability  at  lower  cost.  They  are  designed  to meet  and  exceed the  requirements  of  rental  houses  and  broadcasters. Two  years  of  research  and testing  in  actual  shooting  conditions produced  a  unique  Intelligent Battery  Pack powered  by  C•LifePO4  (Lithium  Iron  Phosphate).

Dazmo  developed  this  new  generation  of batteries  to  satisfy  market  demand  for faster  charging,  lower  cost  batteries.  It  was  made  possible  with  the  support  of  IREQ,  Hydro-Québec,  University  of  Texas  and  Université  de  Montréal  who  conducted  extensive  research  and  testing  of  the  C•LifePO4  cell.  Field  application  tests  were made  by  Video  MTL,  one  of  Canada’s  largest  HD  equipment  providers  to  the cinematographic industry  and  Canada’s  premier  broadcaster  supplier.

Dazmo  C•LifePO4  Intelligent  Battery Packs  have  demonstrated  their  superiority  over  standard  Li-ion  batteries  in  many  ways:

• lower  operating  costs,  up  to  three times  less  than  Li-ion  batteries
• tests  show  well  over  1000  charge/discharge  cycles
• fast  45  minutes  total  recharge  time
• longer  shelf  life
• easy-to-read  fuel  gauge  with actual  time  remaining and  viewer  warning  signal
• maintain  strong  power  output  to the  end  of  the  charge
• 100%  serviceable
• no  memory
• best  warranty  in  the  industry

Dazmo and Video MTL, a long-standing association

Video MTL is a service oriented camera rental house, based in Montreal and Toronto, specializing in the latest tools for digital cinematography. Video MTL’s overriding philosophy is rooted in providing high-end service and fastidiously maintained camera equipment for every project. We carry the finest gear made by the most respected names in motion pictures.

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