The  only  battery  line  specifically  developed  for  rental  houses and  broadcasters.

Dazmo  Z-Series  batteries  deliver  all  the performance  you  have  been  looking  for; impressively  fast  recharge  (45  minutes), rechargeable  three  times  more  often (1000  cycles),  maintain  strong  power output  to  the  end  of  the  charge.



Shelf  life
Motion  detector  automatically  switches  the  battery  on.  The  battery  will  shut  itself  off after  five  minutes  without  motion,  maximizing  the  discharge  time.

Cell  balancing 
Automatic  cell  balancing  in  standby  mode

100%  serviceable
– no-seal  casing
– 24/7  parts  availability

– extremely  safe,  Dazmo  C•LifePO4 batteries  will  not  cause  fire  or explosion  when  overcharged, overheated  or  short  circuited
– withstand  major  impact  without  leakage  or  explosion

Guaranteed  to  meet  or  exceed  OEM  specifications

Environmental  considerations
– Dazmo  C•LifePO4   battery  components  are  made  with  totally  recyclable  materials*
* warning:  regular  cobalt  ion  batteries  are  not  and  should  not  be  recycled
– has  been  proven  the  most  environmentally  friendly  battery
– non-toxic,  non-polluting,  SGS  certified,  conforms  to  European  RoHS  standards

The  best  warranty  in  the  industry
Dazmo  guarantees  its  products  for  a  period of  two years*

*conditions apply

Dazmo batteries specifications

Shelf life/Discharge time










The smallest and most flexible distribution platform from distribution amplifier to optical converter.


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